Fluoride Action Network

“Fluoride Fundamentals” Video Series

Fluoride Action Network | September 2018

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has created a new video series entitled “Fluoride Fundamentals” to provide the public and decision-makers with a basic understanding of fluoride, to dispel myths surrounding fluoridation, and answer common questions. The videos are short, engaging, science-focused, and meant to be shared far and wide.

Fluoride Fundamentals #3: Margin of Safety

In the third video of this series, FAN’s Executive Director Paul Connett discusses the importance of applying a regulatory margin of safety in an effort to protect whole populations from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals like fluoride.

Fluoride Fundamentals #2: Concentration vs Dose

The second video in the series discusses the critical distinction between Concentration, Dose, and Dosage as it relates to fluoride science.

Fluoride Fundamentals #1: Is Fluoride a Nutrient?

The series kicks off with a short video featuring FAN’s Director Paul Connett, PhD, answering the question: “Is Fluoride a Nutrient?”