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Arab water board votes to appeal judge’s decision

Source: The Arab Tribune | March 22nd, 2016 | By Charles Whisenant
Location: United States, Alabama

Following a two-hour long executive session Monday, the Arab Water Works’ Board of Directors voted unanimously to appeal the preliminary injunction granted by Judge Tim Riley Friday.

Riley ordered the water board to immediately begin fluoridating Arab’s water supply pending the outcome of a lawsuit the City of Arab filed against the water board over the removal of fluoride.

“Our opinion is the issuance of the preliminary injunction is contrary to Alabama law,” water board chairman Rodney Hyatt said after the executive session.

It wasn’t known at press time if Judge Riley’s order is put on hold pending a ruling by the Supreme Court.

The board was expected to instruct its attorneys to file the appeal with the Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The city sued the water works board after the board removed fluoride from the water system last August. The board did so without notifying the city or the public of the move.

Judge Riley said in his order that the city council has the authority to order the board to put fluoride back in Arab’s water supply.

A ruling from the Supreme Court could take months, if not longer.