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Bega Valley Shire fluoride survey underway

Source: Bega District News | December 14th, 2017 | By Alasdair McDonald
Location: Australia

Bega Valley Shire Council has confirmed a NSW Health-funded survey gauging the community’s views on the addition of fluoride to drinking water has begun.

Respondents are being asked if they “agree with adding fluoride to the public drinking water supply to try to prevent tooth decay?”

The survey, sent to residents above 18 years old, asks for either a yes, no, don’t know and refused response to what Councillor Cathy Griff has called a “loaded question” lacking in “balance”.

After learning of the question being asked in the survey, fluoridation opponent Rob Slazenger of Bermagui said “it’s an outrage” and that anyone with an understanding of survey methodology could see an agenda in the phrasing.

Cr Griff, who raised the motion to hold the survey, said she felt the concern over fluoride safety and its presence in toothpaste should have been added to the survey question.

The survey is being conducted by the Australian National University’s Social Research Centre, and also asks for the respondent’s postcode.

The phone survey began on Tuesday and runs for one week.

One respondent said they missed a call on Tuesday, and by Thursday had not received a callback despite leaving a voice message on the 1800 number provided.

*Original article online at http://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/story/5121721/shire-fluoride-survey-underway/