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Beyond conflict of interest – Disclosing medical biases

Source: JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), 312(7):697-698 | August 20th, 2014 | By David M. Shaw, PhD


The editors of medical and scientific journals always ask authors of papers to declare any financial conflicts of interest (COIs) related to their research. There has recently been a shift … toward asking them to disclose any potential perceived COI…

Medical Conflicts of interest

… I once wrote a paper for a medical law journal about water fluoridation, in which I argued that adding fluoride to water was medication and was therefore not permitted by the law… I have moderate fluorosis (staining of the teeth) as a result of receiving too much fluoride as a child (although not because of water fluoridation). Was this something that I ought to declare?

… my argument was not actually predicated on the harms of fluoridation but on the fact that it is clearly medication, when the law does not permit mass medication of this type…

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