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Carnarvon avoids fluoridated water

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | June 28th, 2012
Location: Australia

The Shire of Carnarvon has welcomed a decision by the Health Minister not to introduce fluoride into Carnarvon’s water supply.

In 2010, the Health Department announced a plan to add fluoride to the town’s water.

Residents handed the Minister more than 800 letters opposing the measure.

The Carnarvon council also voted to support the position of the local Anti-Fluoride Action Group, which argues the chemical compound is a poison and causes adverse health effects.

A committee assessing whether fluoride should be introduced has handed its recommendations to the Health Minister, who has suspended the plan indefinitely.

Shire president Karl Brandenburg says it is a common sense decision.

“We don’t need fluoride in Carnarvon, it’s a well-known fact we have a natural fluoride in our river embankments,” he said.

Mr Brandenburg says it is a great outcome.

“From our point of view we don’t need it, there’s nothing wrong with our teeth,” he said.

“They can’t put their finger on anything, that we have any worse teeth than anyone else, so it’s a common sense approach as far as I am concerned.”

The Member for North-West, Vince Catania, says the Department of Health will now provide the community with greater education on dental and oral health to reiterate its importance.