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Dentist supports fluoride in Coast water

Source: Sun Community Newspapers | February 10th, 2013
Location: Australia

ONE of the state’s most prominent dentists has urged the council to analyse the benefits of fluoride as it considers removing it.

The council will next month consider removing fluoride from local water after completing a phone survey of residents in coming weeks.

While council sources suggest its removal is unlikely, at least one third of the 15 councillors would support the move.

Surfers Paradise MP and former dentist John-Paul Langbroek said the fluoride debate was “highly emotive”.

“This science on this is clear and Queensland constantly has been shown to have up to 40 per cent higher cases of tooth decay,” he said.

“This is a long-term, consistent figure and putting it in the water was a good decision because it is helping everyone including children who cannot help themselves.

“If you are going to ignore the experts on matters of science we are in trouble.”

The Newman Government last month passed legislation allowing councils to determine the fate of fluoride in their water supply.

Water fluoridation was voted as a top-10 health innovation of the 20th century along with discoveries such as antibiotics.

Cairns council last week voted to remove fluoride from its water.