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Easton: Water fluoridation was controversial in 1962

Source: The Express-Times | November 12th, 2012 | By Pete Brekus

50 years ago today

1962: Water worries: An Express editorial, “To End Confusion, Doubt Over Fluoride Use,” reads in part, “Efforts to bring about fluoridation of Phillipsburg’s water supply thus far have foundered on the rock of resistance by groups who claim the use of this chemical is most everything from a Communist poison plot to an infringement on personal liberties. Despite the fact that reasonable medical-dental and public health authorities sanction the use of fluoride in public water supplies, the people have remained confused and in doubt on the question. It is welcome news therefore that the Department of Health of New Jersey and Pennsylvania jointly plan to undertake a study in the Easton-Phillipsburg area of the effects of fluoride on children’s teeth. The circumstance is ideal. The City of Easton’s water supply has been flouridized for a decade.”