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Fluoride fight continues in Pine Island

Source: FOX 4, WFTX-TV | November 30th, 2012 | By Barry Miller
Location: United States, Florida

A fight over fluoride in Lee County. Pine Island residents are divided over how much of it should go into your water.

The issue will ultimately be decided by water customers who are voting on it right now. Pine Island residents have to turn in their ballots on the issue by December 6th.

On any given ballot issue in Pine Island, 700 to 900 ballots generally make their return. But, right now with the fluoride fight going on at the Greater Pine Island Water Association, there are already 2,000 ballots turned in.

The Citzens for Safe Water held a protest outside of the Pine Island Water Association Friday.

“We don’t want flouride,” said Mark Dean with Citizens for Safe Water.

The group is against a federal grant given to the water assocation to add fluoride to Pine Island drinking water for better dental health. Protester Jack Mills calls this one of the most important fights of his life.

“We’re just trying to inform everybody, give them a chance to vote,” he said.

Mark Dean carries a folder full of his research on the dangers of fluoride.

“To put it in drinking water, how much is getting on your teeth when you drink water?” Dean asked. “Almost none! And the rest is being metabolized by your body.”

But the general manager of the water association disagrees. Bill Thatcher wouldn’t talk with FOX 4 on camera but says the grant is from government agencies like the CDC and says it comes down to a matter of who you trust. Government studies, or internet research. Adding that 72% of American cities add fluoride to the water.

“We don’t want a hazardous substance put in our water that has a negative affect just that it might help some people’s teeth,” Dean said.

There should be an answer on the flouride issue by December 12th. Those who oppose the flouride say if it does happen, their fight is a long way from over.