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Hiawassee updates community on loans, city advancements

Source: FYN (Fetch Your News.com) | March 26th, 2019 | By Robin H. Webb
Location: United States, Georgia


HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Hiawassee City Council convened for March’s work session on Monday to discuss numerous topics. Hiawassee Mayor Liz Ordiales opened with a monthly report, including an update on city loan repayments.

Mayor Ordiales reported that maintenance on the million gallon water tank was completed, as well as the “green tank” that serves as storage…

A University of North Carolina water study was announced by Ordiales which will increase residents’ water rates from the current amount of $19.27 to $42.25 over a five-year span. FYN requested additional information from the city clerk on the increase, and an in-depth article explaining the process – including the potential addition of fluoride to the local water supply – will follow….

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