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Lismore council switches sides in fluoride debate

Source: The Northern Star | September 11th, 2013 | By Andy Parks
Location: Australia

LISMORE Council has voted to change its position on fluoride again after a massive three hour debate at last night’s council meeting.

A rescission motion, which reversed an August 13 decision to abandon plans to fluoridate water in the council area, was successful, six votes to five, but it may not be the end of the matter.

Cr Neil Marks put forward a separate motion that the council invite a range of health experts on both sides of the fluoride debate to present their information at a council workshop.

He acknowledged it had been a huge decision for the council given the level of passion in the community, and that the council “needs to bring some understanding to the community as to why (they) have taken this decision”.

In having the workshop and with the vote so close, council has left the door open that one member of the council may change their vote and call for yet another rescission motion.

A move by Cr Graham Meineke that they seek a direction from the state government, which would effectively take the decision out of council’s hands, was rejected.