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Nalgonda People badly hit by fluorosis, officials indifferent

Source: The Hans India | April 1st, 2017 | By Panchareddy Srikanth
Location: India

Nizamabad: Earlier, it was Nalgonda district which was hit by fluoride related diseases and now it is the turn of Nizamabad. The legs of those victims who turn 20 start bending and they start limping or wobble while taking steps. Even the youngsters look aged, worn out and tired.

A 25-year old-youth suffer from joint pains similar to that of a senior citizen. Fluorosis has spared neither the children nor the aged.

Fluorosis is creating a scare among the people of Fatehpur village of Bodhan mandal in Nizamabad district. There are 2,500 people in this village and victims of fluoride are found in each and every household. They are finding it extremely difficult to move out with severe pain in the knees and joints. People here point out to the excessive salt content dissolved in the water that is responsible for the disease.

Fluorosis is caused by fluoride-laden drinking water which is sourced as groundwater from deep-bore wells and it is also called skeletal fluorosis.   [People of the district are suffering from this disease for the past 40 years and there is no respite for them.

The fluoride laden water is found in deep bore wells. It has spread over in the ground water to the entire village and there is no bore well in which fluoride is not found. People drinking the water are afflicted with diseases.

Some of the people of the village speaking to The Hans India here on Friday said that though they brought the issue to the notice of several officials of the concerned departments, no action was taken till now. The officials of the health, and RWS departments remain indifferent, they lamented.

One of the villagers said that there is a huge defluoride plant in the neighbouring Chinnamavandi village which supplies pure water to 17 villages. However, pure fluoride free water was not being supplied to Fatehpur village.

The villages lashed out at the political leaders who come to them every five years for votes but later forget about it once the elections are over. They hoped that the leaders and officials concerned would come to their rescue and mitigate their suffering.

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