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NYC “Speak Out Against Fluoridation” Rally May 15 City Hall Steps

Source: Press Release from New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF) | May 10th, 2012 | Contact Carol Kopf, Media Director, tel: 802-338-5577
Location: United States, New York

New York City Council Member Peter F. Vallone,Jr. will hold NYC’s first-ever Speak Out Against Fluoridation Rally and Press Conference on Tuesday, May 15th at 11 am on City Hall steps.

Fluoride chemicals are added to NYC’s water, not to purify it, but in a failed effort to treat tap-water drinkers against tooth decay. Science tells us fluoridation is outdated, ineffective, harmful and a waste of money. Politics, not science, keeps fluoridation alive.

Councilman Vallone drafted legislation, co-sponsored by six more Council Members, (Introduction Number 463) to ban the addition of fluoride chemicals into New York City’s public water supplies

Vallone says, “This legislation will have an immediate and critical impact – the city will save between 5 and 7 million dollars per year, and our citizens will no longer ingest a toxic chemical every time they take a sip of water, take a shower or wash a piece of fruit.”

“We will hear from medical professionals and even a few gifted and talented elementary school students researching fluoridation,” says Vallone.

For additional information or to RSVP please contact Tatiana Deligiannakis or Sally Frank tdeligiannakis@council.nyc.gov,
sfrank@council.nyc.gov or 718-274-4500
Peter F. Vallone Jr.’s Fluoridation Op-Ed at http://www.petervallone.com/index.php?page=fluoride-if-in-doubt-keep-it-out

Reasons to Stop Fluoridation in NYC More about fluoridation in New York City

Ignoring the advice of then water commissioner, Arthur C Ford and when it was virtually the only fluoride source, fluoridation began in 1965 in New York City when it was believed that ingesting fluoride while teeth were forming would make children’s teeth decay-resistant but would be no benefit to anyone over 9 years old.

However, modern science proved that theory wrong. Fluoride only hardens outer tooth enamel by topical means. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, “Fluoride works primarily after teeth have erupted…” and “The prevalence of dental caries in a population is not inversely related to the concentration of fluoride in enamel, and a higher concentration of enamel fluoride is not necessarily more efficacious in preventing dental caries.”

However, ingested fluoride does lead to dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth – now affecting 60% of US adolescents, according to CDC statistics. And now we have a glut of fluoridated dental products that didn’t exist when fluoridation began. And the food supply is fluoride-saturated, also.

Back when researchers discovered essential nutrients “cured” diseases (e.g. Vitamin C prevents scurvy; Vitamin D prevents rickets), dental researchers though their magic bullet, fluoride, would mostly eradicate tooth decay.

But after decades of water fluoridation, tooth decay is a national crisis. And, instead of putting dentists out of business, as was once projected, more dental schools are opening and expanding, more dental professionals are being created and dentists have a larger profit margin than most other professionals while our hospital emergency rooms are flooded with people in dental distress.

It turns out the fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth, meaning that consuming a fluoride-free diet does not cause tooth decay. Fluoride is now regulated as a drug by the FDA and, like all drugs, has adverse side effects. The EPA regulates fluoride as a contaminant.

All this eliminates the need for water fluoridation but it is so “married” to the credibility of organized dentistry and the government agencies they influence that fluoridation persists today without any valid scientific evidence of its safety or effectiveness.

In 1956, NYC Water Commissioner Arthur C. Ford opposed fluoridation. Ford wrote, “We are aware that the fluorides are extremely toxic substances, and evidence exists to show that even at the recommended level of one part per million of fluoride in drinking water, people in fluoridated communities have been harmed.” Ford’s advice was ignored and people have been unnecessarily harmed by water fluoridation.

Many cities have already stopped fluoridation. See http://www.fluoridealert.org/communities.htm

Carol Kopf, Media Director

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc


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