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Poisonous Drinking Water in Telangana

Source: Errabus.com | March 21st, 2016
Location: India

It looks like drinking water problems in Telangana State are increasing day by day. The Areas that do not fall under the city water board’s network are depending on groundwater which is posing a fluoride risk. As per reports of research conducted by groundwater board Hyderabad stated that Rapid depletion of ground water levels in Hyderabad, resulting in bore wells being dug deeper and deeper, is posing a fluoride risk.

Even a 0.1 per cent higher than normal reading is not safe over a long period, state experts. High content of fluorides in drinking water are not only causing skeletal damages but it is also causing non-skeletal damages including infertility and mental disorders. According to health experts, 1ppm to 1.5ppm concentration of fluoride in water is the standard and recommended upper limit.

Water with high fluoride content put people at risk of getting affected with gastric problems, mental retardation, paraplegia and burning sensation during urination.

Greater Hyderabad is not entirely covered by the city water board network. Also, areas that receive irregular and less supply rely on groundwater or mineral plants that draw ground water and filter it (however not as per the standards).