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Port Angeles City Receives Fourth Complaint

Source: KONP NEWSRADIO AM 1450 | March 2nd, 2016

Port Angeles – The City of Port Angeles has now received a fourth complaint, relative to the way city council has conducted meetings over the fluoride issue, this time filed against Mayor Patrick Downie.

The complaint was authored by Marolee Smith of Port Angeles, and was presented to the City Clerk, Jennifer Veneklasen, at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

This fourth complaint centers on the meetings of January 5th and 19th and the way Mayor Downie conducted those meetings.

The Port Angeles city council has just put into place a second ethics panel, for an ethics complaint against Cherie Kidd and Dan Gase that was filed February 19th.

The new 3-member board to review the second complaint against Deputy Mayor Kidd and Council member Gase will include members are Ken Williams, Jerry Dean and William Yucha.

The city has already assembled one ethics panel scheduled to meet on March 8th for the first complaint. A second panel is still scheduling their first meeting for the second complaint, while this third complaint could call for a third panel to be assembled.

It is possible that any of these panels could choose to combine their efforts to look at the three complaints filed so far. All of the named personnel are elected city officials.

A third complaint filed last week against City Attorney Bill Bloor is being handled by outside counsel, as that complaint incorrectly named him under an elected official clause of the municipal code.

All of the complaints, in one way or another, are off-shoots of the city’s decision on including fluoride in the city’s drinking water.