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Port Angeles: Fluoride committee reaches consensus on only one item

Source: KONP Newsradio | May 5th, 2016
Location: United States

After weeks of meetings, an ad-hoc committee dealing with fluoride in the city of Port Angeles water supply has reached consensus on one item. The group of pro and anti fluoride members were able to agree to bring forward to the city council a recommendation to create better outreach for oral health in the community.

Specifically, it is asking the council to write letters encouraging more funding for the Washington Dental Association’s Smile Mobile and bringing it to town more often for dental check ups at local schools.

The committee had debated a number of other issues ranging from addressing oral heath care in the community to providing help for filtering water to possibly eliminating addition of fluoride in the water altogether.

But committee co-chair council member Sissi Bruch says none of the other items got traction.

The city council formed the committee in response to the contentious debate over its decision to continue adding fluoride to the water.

Council member Bruch is against adding fluoride. Committee co-chair Brad Collins voted in favor of fluoride. Both agreed they would follow one item that didn’t reach consensus in the committee, adding a soda tax.