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Protesters push for councils to remove fluoride from water

Source: 4BC 1116 News Talks Radio | December 27th, 2017
Location: Australia

Some councils are holding out on adding fluoride to water after being lobbied by anti-fluoride protestors.

The Australian Dental Association is rolling out its own campaign to combat the “fear-mongering” of protestors.

Paediatric dentist, Dr Sarah Raphael, tells Warren Moore decades of studies have shown the benefits of fluoridated water.

“It’s difficult to believe there are still people who are resistant. What tends to happen is a fear campaign is run and puts doubts in people’s minds.

“We’re happy to debunk the myths and show local councils the great research that confirms the benefits and shows the decay rate has fallen.”

Dr Raphael says water fluoridation is particularly important for children, saving them from tooth decay in their early years.

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*Original article online at https://www.4bc.com.au/protesters-campaign-for-councils-to-remove-fluoride-from-water/