Fluoride Action Network

Protestors back Arab Water Works on fluoride issue

Source: The Arab Tribune | March 1st, 2016 | By Charles Whisenant
Location: United States, Alabama

A group of Arab area residents spent part of the weekend in front of Walmart at U.S. 231 and Main Street letting folks know where they stand on the fluoride debate in Arab.

“We were out protesting and supporting the Arab Water Works to keep fluoride out of the water,” said Jaclyn Perkins. “Someone has to stand up for what’s right.”

Perkins, along with John White, Zoe White, Robert Karraker and Timmy McElyea spent time holding signs urging that fluoride be left out of the water supply.

While they were wearing masks for shock value, they weren’t protesting anonymously.

“We don’t mind if our names are in the story,” Perkins said. “The anonymous masks were used to get people’s attention. We used the masks like other activists – those who seek to spread truth and expose corruption in government.”

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday morning at the Marshall County Courthouse. The city of Arab has asked Judge Tim Riley for an injunction ordering Arab Water Works to resume adding fluoride to the water supply while a lawsuit is pending.