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Report to outline benefits, downfalls of fluoride in water

Source: The Coloradoan | December 10th, 2002 | by Coloradoan staff
Location: United States, Colorado

The fluoride technical study group is expected today to put the final touches on its long-awaited report on the pros and cons of the continued fluoridation of Fort Collins’ drinking water supply.

“All the research has been done, and the ideas are down,” said Patty Bigner, spokeswoman for the Fort Collins Utilities Department. “They’re not in total agreement on everything, but they’re down to wordsmithing and editing.”

The meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday at Fort Collins Utilities Department, 700 Wood St., and is open to the public. However public comment and participation will not be allowed.

The group likely will meet again in January and make plans to discuss the report with the community. The public meeting will be held at least two weeks after the report has been released to give members of the public time to read it, Bigner said.

Once the report is complete, it will be available online on the city’s Web site, www.fcgov.com/utilities/fluoride.php, she said.

In April 2001, the city’s water board recommended to the City Council that it quit fluoridation. The city would need to update equipment and facilities to continue fluoridating the city’s water. In addition to the upgrades, which would cost $500,000, it would cost an additional $100,000 a year to keep the program running.

The water board agreed that the money could be better spent, fluoride was available through a variety of food sources and that the public water supply was an inappropriate mechanism to deliver fluoride.

The technical study group, formed about a year ago, was asked to issue a report on the scientific merits or problems with fluoridating the city’s water supply to the water board and the health board. The report had been anticipated in late summer.

The boards will use the group’s findings to make recommendations to the City Council, which will make the final decision.