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Rockford to discontinue fluoride water treatment

Source: The Globe Gazette | January 13th, 2006 | By KRISTIN BUEHNER
Location: United States, Iowa

ROCKFORD — The Rockford City Council on Thursday voted to discontinue putting fluoride into its drinking water.

“We needed to put new equipment in for it and (the city public works director) didn’t really recommend doing it,” Mayor Harry White said today.

Adding fluoride to the drinking water is not required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, he said.

“As far as I know, there’s never been any complaints about having it or not having it.”

City public works director Randy Schweizer said he recommended discontinuing the practice because he believes the value of fluoridation is questionable.

“There’s a wave (of opinion) against fluoride,” he said. “Kids get fluoride treatment in schools and they get it from their dentists. Maybe we’re getting too much fluoride in these kids.”

The community had been fluoridating its drinking water since 1985, Schweizer said.

The fluoridation was discontinued two months ago because the equipment was not working properly and would have to have been replaced, he said.

“It was a constant battle trying to get the correct amount in.”

Both White and Schweizer said the city will save money by discontinuing the fluoridation, but that the exact amount has not been calculated.