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Salina residents ask for flouride-free water

Source: Hays Post | January 14th, 2014 | By Josh Barnhart, Salina Post
Location: United States, Kansas

SALINA — Residents showed up in droves at Monday’s Salina City Commission meeting to protest fluoride in the city water supply.

Those participating provided information alleging fluoridation of the water causes diabetes, heart disease and also effects the nervous system.

A study was mentioned giving information that fluoride could take up to 20 years before the effects are seen in the body.

Participants asked the Salina city commissioners to immediately withdraw fluoride from the water supply.

One person asked the commissioners outright if they are for or against fluoride. When Commissioner Aaron Householter was asked directly, he stated regarding the anti-fluoride debate, “Everything you discuss today is a tenth of the truth, all the info presented could be found on a Google search. … If we submerge ourselves in water, we might drown.”

Officially, commissioners Householter, Jon Blanchard, Barb Shirley and Randall Hardy agreed they are in favor of fluoridation. Kaye Crawford said she will withhold her decision at this time.