SCHUYLKILL HAVEN — Residents and non-residents of the borough voiced their displeasure Wednesday with the borough council’s decision in February to add fluoride to the water supply.

As in previous council meetings, people came to state their case about why fluoride should or should not be reintroduced to the borough’s water supply.

On Wednesday, several people told the council about why they do not want the additive.

“I would not be here to be a thorn in your side if I did not think it was important,” resdient Sonja LeVan, Blossom Lane, said.

The four-time cancer survivor said she does not want fluoride in the water. She said she wants to have a say in the matter, and by putting fluoride in, it is taking that choice away.

“Please. Please reconsider. Do a little more research,” she said.

Sandra Walters wanted to speak on the fluoride issue but didn’t get to say much.

“Do you live in the borough of Schuylkill Haven?” council President Marlin Berger Jr. asked Walters.

Walters said she lives in North Manheim Township.

“This is for taxpayers only,” Berger said.

Jim Foose, North Manheim Township, also wanted to talk about the issue.

“I’m wondering why I can’t ask a question when I pay my water bill to (Schuylkill) Haven,” Foose said.

Berger said Foose was free to send a letter to the council about his opinion on fluoride.

Fluoride was in the borough’s water supply until 2011, after a motion to keep it failed Feb. 3, 2010.

The state Department of Environmental Protection must still approve a permit for adding fluoride to the water.

Dave Williams, a resident of Cressona, presented the council with a petition of signatures of residents from Cressona and Schuylkill Haven opposing fluoride.

Mayor Mike Devlin said their voices should be heard.

“I really think the council should consider this. I really do,” Devlin said.

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