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Tallahassee To Get Fluoride Upgrade

Source: WFSU News | May 5th, 2016 | By Regan McCarthy
Location: United States, Florida

Tallahassee’s Fluoride system needs an upgrade and officials say there’s some state money that could help.  Water Resources Engineering Manager John Buss says Tallahassee renovated the buildings associated with the system a few years ago. Now he says the pipes and tanks need attention.

“Fluoride is a corrosive material it tends to wear out pumps and tanks and fittings pretty quickly,” Buss says.

Buss says the city has been adding fluoride to its drinking water since 1988. He says data shows it’s important for promoting oral hygiene and dental health. During their meeting next week, commissioners are expected to approve participation in a state grant to help with the upgrades.