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Windsor: Fluoride at dentist’s office different than in drinking water

Source: Windsor Star | May 20th, 2016 | Letter by Christine Moody, Windsor
Location: Canada, Ontario

I think our council is weak to consider passing on the decision of whether or not to fluoridate Windsor’s water to, of all places, the Ontario Liberal government.

Drew Dilkens and Percy Hatfield, I was at those council meetings back in 2013 and heard what you heard. Who’s now pressuring you to unlearn what you knew to be a truth back then? Are you listening to dentists who are mandated to support fluoridation as a condition of their license?

Flouridealert.org is one site that answers a lot of questions and provides a lot of stats on fluoride use worldwide. And, if you didn’t already know, the fluoride added to drinking water is not the fluoride applied to your teeth at the dentist’s office. Not even close, and this is important.

They want you to ingest this stuff, not soak your teeth with it. If you have a fluoride treatment at the dentist office, they make you spit it out, but now, they want you to drink it.

The Dental Association studies will tell you cavities are up since fluoride was removed from Windsor’s water. Good people of Ontario, ask yourself how often your kids asked for a glass of tap water before or after it was fluoridated?

Dental health is often genetic and we’re taught that we should brush our teeth, floss, stay away from sugar and go to the dentist every six to nine months.

Do people think drinking fluoridated water relieves you of the responsibility of just taking care of your teeth and hoping the gene gods smile kindly upon you?

If our current council doesn’t have the backbone to keep our water safe, then it’s time for new blood.