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  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: Science Media Centre.

    Expert reaction to study looking at maternal exposure to fluoride and IQ in children Research, published in JAMA Pediatrics, reports that maternal exposure to fluoride in pregnancy can lead to lower IQ scores in young children. Prof Thom Baguley, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Nottingham Trent University, said: “First, the claim that maternal fluoride exposure is […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: Babygaga.

    Mothers Should Avoid Fluoride During Pregnancy, Canadian Study Shows By Mark Lugris A new Canadian study claims that exposure to fluoride in drinking water during pregnancy can be detrimental to kids’ IQs. The study, which analyzed 601 mother-child pairs from six cities in Canada, found that pregnant women with higher levels of fluoride in their […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: Dentistry Today.

    Dental Groups Defend Fluoride After Study Implicates It in Lower IQs By Richard Gawel A recent study published by JAMA Pediatrics suggests that there is a link between maternal exposure to fluoride during pregnancy and lower IQ scores measured in children ages 3 to 4. Now, the ADA, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: ABC – Atlanta.

    Study: Increased levels of fluoride exposure in pregnancy causes low IQ levels in children By 13 ON YOUR SIDE Staff It is the first study to evaluate the effect of the optimal level of fluoride. ATLANTA — A new study claims increased levels of fluoride exposure in pregnancy causes a low IQ level in children. […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: Chicago Tribune.

    Could fluoride be bad for your baby during pregnancy? By Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Fluoride exposure from drinking water during pregnancy could be making children less intelligent, a new Canadian study argues. Expectant moms with higher levels of fluoride in their urine tended to have kids with lower average IQs, based on a study of 601 […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: The Globe and Mail on Aug 23.

    Fluoride won’t make you dumber, but the ‘debate’ about its safety might By André Picard André Picard is a health reporter and columnist for The Globe and Mail. His most recent book is Matters of Life and Death: Public Health Issues in Canada. There is no shortage of conspiracy theories in health care, but some […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: EcoWatch.

    Drinking Fluoride-Treated Water During Pregnancy Could Lower Your Child’s IQ, Study Finds By Sam Nickerson Drinking water treated with fluoride during pregnancy may lead to lower IQs in children, a controversial new study has found. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many adults and children have seen the dental health benefits […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: The People’s Pharmacy.

    Does Fluoride in the Water Impact Children’s IQ? By Joe Graedon The majority of Americans are exposed to fluoride in water and toothpaste. A new study reports that prenatal exposure may affect young children. What to do? Ever since fluoride was first added to drinking water in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on January 26, 1945, it […]

  • Canadian Mother-Offspring IQ Study: Medscape Psychiatry, Aug 19.

    Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and IQ in Kids: Is There a Link? By Tara Haelle PAGE 1 Pregnant women’s fluoride intake was associated with a reduction in their children’s IQ at ages 3 to 5 years, in an observational study published online today in JAMA Pediatrics. … “Given there was limited evidence to support or refute […]

  • Several In Utero Fluoride/IQ Studies Should Provoke A Nation-Wide Fluoridation Moratorium

    On August 30th, the Fluoride Action Network published the following press release in response to the continued criticism of the JAMA Pediatrics IQ-fluoride study.  We plan to respond with additional press releases in the coming days.  In the meantime, here again is a link to the video of Paul Connett’s response to some of the […]