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  • Fluoridation Expose’ Garners Prestigious Award

    PRNewswire/ — In the 1940’s, America was sold fluoridation with the false equivalency that pollutants (hydrofluorosilicic acid or sodium fluoride), when added to public water supplies, acts similarly as naturally fluoridated water to safely reduce tooth decay – but without such evidence, reports Frank Zelko, PhD, Associate Professor, Environmental History, University of Hawaii, in History […]

  • Can Your Toothpaste Cause Cancer?

    We diligently brush our teeth after every meal as part of good oral hygiene. But experts warn that the toothpaste we use to keep our pearly whites sparkling may be dangerous to our health. Because your mouth is the gateway to your body, what you put into it is crucial to your health. “Thank of […]

  • Fluoride in Science News Again, This Time for Effects on Children’s IQ

    The findings of a new Canadian study will be cold comfort for parents whose babies and children have consumed baby formula constituted with fluoridated drinking water. Scheduled for January 2020 publication in Environment International, the research paper, titled “Fluoride exposure from infant formula and child IQ in a Canadian birth cohort,” reports a significant drop […]

  • NYT: Worried About That New Medical Study? Read This First.

    Note from the Fluoride Action Network, At last the New York Times has ran something on a fluoride study, however fleeting. In the article below the author writes, “One study is just one study” as if the JAMA Pediatrics study she cites by Green et al., published in August 2019, titled Association Between Maternal Fluoride […]