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FAN's compilation of government and other reports from the US, EU, WHO, UN, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, and the UK. The majority of FAN's submissions to various government agencies over the years are also included.

United Kingdom

Government Reports

2020 – July 14. Use of public water supply fluoride concentration as an indicator of population exposure to fluoride in England 1995–2015. By Roberts DJ, Morris J, Wood A, etc. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 92:514..

Fig. 7

Mean fluoride concentration (mg/L) England 2005–2015 mapped at Middle Layer Super Output Area level using 2011 boundaries


Areas with fluoridation scheme operating at any time during 2005–2015 England mapped at Middle Layer Super Output Area level using 2011 boundaries

2019 – July 22. Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s –consultation document. Cabinet Office and Department of Health and Social Care. Note from FAN: the formatted pdf version of this document appears to be coded to dis-allow 3rd parties from putting it online.  We made the pdf version from the html to secure it for historical purposes. You may find it easier to read the html version available online here.

2018 – Statutory Instrument 2018 no. 647. The water supply (water quality) regulations 2016, as amended. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/wsi/2018/647/contents/made

2018 – December. Environmental Public Health Tracking in England. Report on recent activities. Prepared by the  Environmental Epidemiology Team: Giovanni Leonardi; Helen Crabbe; Tayo Owodunni;  Harriet Gordon Brown; Tony Fletcher;  Rebecca Hams; David Roberts. Public Health England.

2018 – March. Water Fluoridation. Health monitoring report for England 2018. Public Health England.

2017 – November. Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrochloric Acid (HF) Incident Management. PHE publications gateway number: 2014790

2017 – June. Guidance. Health matters: child dental health. Public Health England.

2017 – March. A quick guide to a healthy mouth in children. Public Health England.

2016 – Drinking Water Inspectorate. Guidance on the implementation of the water supply (water quality) regulations 2016 in England and the water supply (water quality) regulations 2010 (as amended) in Wales.

2016 – March. Improving oral health: a community water fluoridation toolkit for local authorities. Public Health England. PHE publications gateway number: 201 5737.

2015 – October. Sugar Reduction. The evidence for action. Prepared by: Dr Alison Tedstone, Victoria Targett, Dr Rachel Allen, and staff at Public Health England

2015 – January. The State of Children’s Oral Health in England. Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

2014 – September. Oral health survey of three-year-old children 2013. A report on the prevalence and severity of dental decay. Dental public health epidemiology programme. Public Health England.

2014 – March 25. Water fluoridation. Health monitoring report for England 2014. Public Health England.



Reports commissioned by the South Central Strategic Health Authority

2009 – Independent critical appraisal of selected studies reporting an association between fluoride in drinking water and IQ. By Bazian Ltd.

2009 – Critical appraisal of “Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s standards.” By Bazian Ltd.

2008 – Report of the Water Fluoridation Panel. Report commissioned by Hampshire County Council.

2006 – A Review of the Toxicity and Environmental Behaviour of Hydrogen Fluoride in Air. Environment Agency.

2002 – Medical Research Council:  Water Fluoridation and Health

2000 – The York ReviewFluoridation of Drinking Water: a Systematic Review of its Efficacy and Safety

1991 – Water Industry Act 1991 c.56. (1991). http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1991/56/contents




Report commissioned by Hampshire County Council

2008 – Report of the Water Fluoridation Panel

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