Fluoride Action Network



To investigate the effect of coal-burning endemic fluorosis on children’s physical development and intellectual level so as to provide data support for the protection of children’s healthy growth in fluorosis areas.


Ninety children with coal-burning endemic fluorosis were selected for the study, which were divided into heavy fluorosis area group, middle fluorosis area group and light disease area group. 30 children in each group. Another 30 children were selected from non-fluorosis areas as normal group. The index of physical development and intellectual level of each group were compared.


Dental fluorosis and urinary fluoride concentration of fluorosis area groups were higher than that of normal group (P<0.05); index of height, weight and vital capacity in normal group children’s was significantly better than that of other 3 groups (P<0.050); intelligence quotient (IQ) index in fluorosis groups was lower than that of normal group (P<0.05).


The coal-burning endemic fluorosis may have a serious impact on children’s physical growth and intellectual level, active preventive measures should be attached to protect children’s health.