CAS No. 219714-96-2
US Maximum Residue Levels in Food Commodities

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On September 24, 2004, EPA issued a Pesticide Tolerance for Penoxsulam, which permits residues of this herbicide in or on 2 commodities in the United States.


• On September 24, 2004, EPA issued its first-time tolerance for Penoxsulam on food.

• EPA stated in the September 24, 2004, Federal Register Final Rule, that no tolerances were necessary for these commodities (petitioned for by Dow AgroSciences on August 6, 2003) because residues will not exceed the established tolerance in rice, grain:

Rice, bran
Rice hulls

Polished rice

Pesticide Tolerance. Final Rule.
Federal Register. September 24, 2004.

1. The authority citation for part 180 continues to read as follows:
Authority: 21 U.S.C. 321(q), 346a and 371.
2. Section 180.605 is added to read as follows:
Sec. 180.605 Penoxsulam; tolerances for residues.
(a) General. Tolerances are established for the herbicide,
penoxsulam ( 2-(2,2-difluoroethoxy)-N-(5,8-dimethoxy[1,2,4]
in/on the following raw agricultural commodities:


As of
September 24, 2004


Rice, grain 0.02 180.605
Rice, straw 0.50 180.605
(b) Section 18 emergency exemptions. [Reserved]
(c) Tolerances with regional registrations. [Reserved]
(d) Indirect or inadvertent residues. [Reserved]
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