Groups doing good work on pesticides and their publications  

I will be adding groups to this site. Please send your suggestions, especially for groups that operate on a state level. - EC.

Organization Publication Notes by EC

Beyond Pesticides / National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP)

"Pesticides and You"

published 4 times a year.

• Jay Feldman, executive director, co-signed FAN's March 2004 "Objection and Request for a Hearing" on EPA's Final Rule for sulfuryl fluoride. With this approval, EPA allowed the first-time use of sulfuryl fluoride as a food fumigant.
Pesticide Action Network
PAN has affiliations with many excellent groups that publish. • Their website provides the most comprehensive and easily accessible information available on all pesticides.
PAN is a global treasure.
Natural Resources Defense Council
Free email newsletter. Members receive a monthly magazine. • NRDC have a staff of committed scientists and lawyers that review EPA's policies. They have probably been the single largest US environmental group to petition EPA on pesticide policy.
Organic Consumers Association
A free bi-weekly email newsletter - sign up at their website. • An excellent activist group watchdogging organic food issues. Just wish they would take the issue of EPA's "List 4 Inerts" in organic agriculture more seriously. Many of these "inerts" are biologicallty active and all have been approved for use in US organic agriculture. The "List 4 Inerts" are categorized as either List 4A or List 4B. Sodium fluoride is on List 4B along with a host of other chemicals that should be banned from organic argiculture.



Movement pour le Droit et le Respect des Generations Futures

In French

• MDRGF is the reference NGO on pesticides issues in France and is a member of PAN Europe. It informs on the dangers of pesticides for health and the environment and promotes alternatives as organic farming or IPM in agriculture and non chemical methods for gardens and lawns. This excellent anti-pesticides NGO group is strong and has a fabulous website. A great model.

The Northeast Organic Farming Association
At their site they provide links to their 7 state chapters and the newsletters they produce. The states are CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT. • A good organization that works to support organic farmers and to promote organic food in the northeast US. They also sponsor a yearly conference.
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