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About Fluoride

What is Water Fluoridation?

Unlike all other water treatment processes, fluoridation does not treat the water itself, but the person consuming it. It’s outdated, unnecessary, and harmful.

Sources of Fluoride

Fluoridated water is the largest source of exposure for most people, but it is not the only source of exposure to fluoride.

Health Effects of Fluoride

Fluoride is a highly toxic substance that can cause a range of adverse health effects. Certain members of the public are at particularly high risk of harm.

Evidence of Overexposure:Dental Fluorosis

Fluorosis is a defect of tooth enamel caused by too much fluoride intake during the first 8 years of life.

Thousands of Professionals Call for End to Fluoridation

A growing chorus of medical and scientific experts are warning about fluoridation. Over 4,800 have signed FAN’s Statement Against Fluoridation.

Take Action

Activist Toolkit

The toolkit provides various resources to help educate people in your community about fluoride.

Advocating for Change

What will you do to protect your community's drinking water? Anyone can make a difference, all you need to do is act.

Success Stories

Here’s a list of over 500 communities that rejected or stopped the addition of fluoridation chemicals to their water.

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FAN has proven capable of taking on the big battles -- and winning. Support from those who believe in this mission is crucial to our ability to continue this work. Your donation will go directly to funding our education, advocacy, and legal work.

News Archive

The FAN News Archive serves as a historical repository for all news stories on fluoride.

Research Study Tracker

The most up-to-date and comprehensive source for studies on fluoride's systemic, multifaceted effects on human and animal health.