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The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) seeks to broaden awareness among citizens, scientists, and policymakers on the toxicity of fluoride compounds. FAN provides comprehensive and up-to-date information and remains vigilant in monitoring government agency actions that impact the public's exposure to fluoride.

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October 2, 2021 British Scientists Slam UK Fluoridation Plans; Accuse CMOs of Ignoning Science
September 22, 2021 New Canadian Campaign Launches as Calgary Vote Approaches
September 20, 2021 Thank You Spedding!
September 12, 2021 Court Reschedules Status Hearing for January 2022
August 25, 2021 The CDC Is Ignoring Fluoride-Brain Studies: Urge Congress To Halt Funding To Oral Health Division
August 23, 2010 The Next TSCA Court Hearing Has Been Rescheduled
August 5, 2021 CORRECTION – UK Government Pushing Mandatory Fluoridation
August 4, 2021 UK Government Pushing Mandatory Fluoridation
July 16, 2021 A Good Summer’s Read
July 13, 2021 We Are Updating Our Website – FluorideAlert.Org
July 3, 2021 Dr. Mercola Interviews Paul Connett on Fluoride
July 2, 2021 How Much Time?
July 1, 2021 Sad News From The UK
June 26, 2021 Fluoride/IQ Study Author Presents Findings – MUST WATCH
June 24, 2021 Professionals response to Karen Hacker, CDC
June 17, 2021 Press Release: Experts Confirm Extremely Low Levels of Fluoride Reduce IQ
June 14, 2019 A Very Short Bulletin
June 12, 2021 Study Shows Fluoride Harms at 0.2 ppm – FAN Lawyer Sends Copy to TSCA Judge
June 10, 2021 A CDC Response To Our Letter
June 8, 2021 Judge Issues Written Court Order Dismantling EPA Arguments; Mid-year Mini-fundraiser Begins Today
May 25, 2021 Professionals Expose CDC’s False Safety Claims & Call on New Director to Protect America’s Children From Fluoride
April 29, 2021 New Swedish Study Finds Harm To Bones In Older People
April 27, 2021 Federal Fluoridation Lawsuit Update
April 21, 2021 #FluorideLawsuit Hearing TOMORROW & Quotes From Experts On Neurotoxicity
April 19, 2021 National Toxicology Program (NTP): Cowed by dental interests?
April 14, 2021 Lawsuit Update & An Interview With Dr. Limeback
April 12, 2021 FAN calls for the resignation of the head of the CDC’s Oral Health Division
April 8, 2021 American Dental Association (ADA) spins false narrative about National Academies (NASEM) review of NTP monograph (corrected)
April 6, 2021 New Zealand Threatened With Fluoridation Mandate
March 25, 2021 CDC: An Embarassment
March 23, 2021 Cry Twice
March 3, 2021 Zoom Presentation by author of Fluoride Neurotoxicity Studies
Feb 23, 2021 New Study Finds Fluoride Reduces IQ
Feb 16, 2021 The NAS Strengthens Findings On Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity
Jan 19, 2021 FAN has lost a friend, and the world, a great journalist
Jan 15, 2021 Judge Denies EPA’s Motion to Dismiss Case
Jan 6, 2021 Judge “Vacates” January 7th Hearing in TSCA Trial
Dec 31, 2020 MUST SEE: New #FluorideLawsuit Deposition Video
Dec 30, 2020 A Special Treat From FAN And A New Premium
Dec 29, 2020 People are at the Heart of our Campaign – Slideshow #2
Dec 28, 2020 New Premiums and Challenges to Achieve the “Impossible”
Dec 26, 2020 A House of Cards Waiting To Fall…
Dec 24, 2020 Merry Christmas from FAN!
Dec 23, 2020 Photo Slideshow: Campaign Locally, Communicate Globally
Dec 22, 2020 The Lack of Professionalism by Researchers and the Editors at the journal “Pediatrics”
Dec 21, 2020 A Video Update on Recent Local Victories and Ongoing Campaigns
Dec 19, 2020 Jay’s Day
Dec 17, 2020 Why Small Donations are Important For FAN
Dec 16, 2020 A Gift For Our Supporters
Dec 15, 2020 INVITE: New Years Eve Zoom Party
Dec 14, 2020 Two more video testimonies from “people that don’t exist”
Dec 12, 2020 The NTP Review: A Video Summary from Chris Neurath
Dec 11, 2020 A Preview of Saturday’s Bulletin from FAN
Dec 10, 2020 Diane’s Challenge
Dec 9, 2020 Mothers Share Fluoridation Testimony
Dec 8, 2020 TSCA Trial Update: A Message from Michael
Dec 7, 2020 A Growing Chorus of Experts Warning About Fluoridation
Dec 5, 2020 New Zoom Presentation and Q&A Featuring Expert Panel
Dec 3, 2020 TSCA Trial Deposition Videos Expose CDC and EPA Promotion of Myths
Dec 2, 2020 New Campaign: #FluorideHarmsTheBrain
Dec 1, 2020 Give Children The Gift of Fluoride-Free Water
Nov 20, 2020 Three figures to help NTP see the whole truth
Nov 6, 2020 Federal Trial Update: New Supplement To Our TSCA Petition Submitted To Court
Nov 4, 2020 THURSDAY: TSCA Trial Status Hearing on Zoom
Oct 28, 2020 Fluoride Action Network applauds NTP’s systematic review on Fluoride’s neurotoxicity but corrects its biased risk assessment
Oct 2, 2020 Margin of Safety and the Updated NTP Review
July 31, 2020 New Video Series: You Asked, We Answered!
June 24, 2020 Well Done FAN – Well Done Our Supporters!
June 22, 2020 Capturing The Moment: The Transcript of FAN’s Closing Statement
June 19, 2020 Recap of Day 7 of the TSCA Trial: An Historic Moment
June 17, 2020 Final Day of Trial With Closing Arguments!
June 16, 2020 Recap of Day Five of the TSCA Trial
June 14, 2020 A Recap Of Day Four Of the TSCA Trial
June 12, 2020 Day Four Of The TSCA Trial
June 11, 2020 A Recap of Day Three of the TSCA Trial
June 10, 2020 Day Three Of The Trial & A Recap Of Day Two
June 9, 2020 Day Two Of The Trial & A Recap Of Day One
June 8, 2020 Last Minute Updates on Today’s Trial Start
June 6, 2020 How To Watch The Trial On Monday
June 3, 2020 New MUST SEE Video Of Neurotoxicity Webinar
June 1, 2020 One Week Until Our Historic Trial In Federal Court
May 14, 2020 Neurotoxicity Experts Cleared to Testify At Fluoridation Chemicals Trial
April 21, 2020 New TSCA Trial Date Set By Court
April 1, 2020 Stay Safe, Stay Home and Watch Our Most Viewed Videos
March 24, 2020 “You only have to read four studies…”
March 23, 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak Delays Fluoridation Trial Against EPA
March 6, 2020 Federal report finding fluoride lowers IQ of children reviewed by National Academy of Sciences
January 25, 2020 The ADA’s Bizarre Celebration
January 17, 2020 EPA vs Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity going to Trial in April 2020
January 2, 2020 Thank you and a Happy New Year from FAN

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