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2017 FAN Conference Presentations

Fluoride Action Network

The 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride, held September 16-18, 2017, was a great success with many informative presentations and constant interaction among campaigners from around the world. FAN has released a series of high-quality videos of the conference presentations that can be viewed below.

Water Fluoridation & Disease Prevalence – Declan Waugh (2017 FAN Conference)

Environmental scientist Declan Waugh highlights possible casual associations between water fluoridation and disease prevalence in a wide-ranging discussion on U.S. health viewed from an international perspective.

A Primer on FAN’s Fluoride TSCA Lawsuit – Michael Connett (2017 FAN Conference)

Attorney Michael Connett gives a detailed overview of FAN’s current lawsuit against the EPA under Section 21 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Fluoridation’s Risk to the Brain – Dr. Bill Hirzy (2017 FAN Conference)

Dr. Bill Hirzy explains how his research team quantified fluoride’s risk to the brain in a recently published study.

Toxicology 101 – Dr. Paul Connett ( 2017 FAN Conference)

Dr. Paul Connett, former Director of the Fluoride Action Network, presents a detailed overview of fluoride’s toxicology at the 2017 FAN Conference, highlighting the proper way to account for and mitigate the effects of toxic chemicals in the environment.

Fluoride & Thyroid – Stephen Peckham (2017 FAN Conference)

Stephen Peckham (Director, Centre for Health Services Studies – University of Kent) presents a detailed overview of his recent observational study that found an association between fluoridated water and underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism.

Genetic Variability – Rick Woychik, NIEHS Overview (2017 FAN Conference)

Rick Woychik, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences {NIEHS}, gives an overview of the NIEHS highlighting the agency’s new focus on genetic variability and the developmental origins of disease, followed by a lively Q&A session focused on fluoride.

This presentation represents the views and opinions of Richard Woychik, Ph.D. No official support or endorsement by the NIH, National Institute of Environmental Health is intended and should not be inferred.