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December 1st, 2019 | Fluoride Action Network

By working together we have a chance to end the absurdity of fluoridation. Come join our team to fund our efforts in 2020. FAN needs to raise $250,000 by midnight on December 31st to pay for our 2020 budget that will keep our organization running. Help FAN reach this important goal by making a tax-deductible donation today at our Secure Server!

In November we received $6,900 from 3 donors for the fundraiser. In December we received 105 donations totaling $130,913 for a grand total of:

$137,813 from 1024 donors – updated 1/4/2020

Our Biggest Year Ever” – FAN Executive Director Dr. Paul Connett on investing in an end to water fluoridation in 2020.

TSCA Update: Fluoride Case Has Been Cleared For Trial!

Happy Holidays from the FAN team!

FAN Campaign Director Stuart Cooper on the motivation behind his advocacy in fighting for an end to water fluoridation worldwide.

FAN Volunteer Dawna Gallagher on FAN’s value to Local Campaigners

FAN Scientific Consultant Dr. Bill Hirzy on the importance of ongoing financial support for FAN.

Mike Ewall, Director, Energy Justice Network, on FAN’s value as a credible scientific resource.

FAN Outreach & Education Director, Jay Sanders, on what creativity means to the Fluoride Action Network

Retired journalist and newspaper editor Jack Crowther: Why I want the Fluoride Action Network to succeed.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to FAN. This year we are aiming to reach $250,000 from 1250 donors by midnight Dec 31. All donations large and small are important to us. The former to help get us to our total and the latter to impress foundations with our active and supportive membership. If we don’t warn the people about this dangerous practice who will?

How to donate

  • Online at our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:Fluoride Action Network
    c/o Connett
    104 Walnut Street
    Binghamton NY 13905

Thank you for your continued support and efforts to end water fluoridation throughout the world.

Paul Connett, PhD

Executive Director
Fluoride Action Network
Co-author of “The Case Against Fluoride”