Fluoride Action Network

“Fluoride Fundamentals” Video Series

Fluoride Action Network | September 2018

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has created a new video series entitled “Fluoride Fundamentals” to provide the public and decision-makers with a basic understanding of fluoride, to dispel myths surrounding fluoridation, and answer common questions. The videos are short, engaging, science-focused, and meant to be shared far and wide.

Fluoride Fundamentals #5: “Natural” Fluoride

In this short video, FAN’s Executive Director Dr. Paul Connett addresses the use of the term “natural” when discussing the benefits and risks of fluoride.

Fluoride Fundamentals #4: Sources of Fluoride

Where do fluoridation chemicals come from? In the fourth video of this series, FAN’s Executive Director Paul Connett PhD addresses why we should be paying attention to the source of fluoride chemicals added to our drinking water.

Fluoride Fundamentals #3: Margin of Safety

In the third video of this series, FAN’s Executive Director Paul Connett discusses the importance of applying a regulatory margin of safety in an effort to protect whole populations from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals like fluoride.

Fluoride Fundamentals #2: Concentration vs Dose

The second video in the series discusses the critical distinction between Concentration, Dose, and Dosage as it relates to fluoride science.

Fluoride Fundamentals #1: Is Fluoride a Nutrient?

The series kicks off with a short video featuring FAN’s Director Paul Connett, PhD, answering the question: “Is Fluoride a Nutrient?”