Fluoride Action Network

Health Professionals Weigh In On Calgary Fluoride Battle

July 5th, 2019

Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network, interviews Dr. Bob Dickson, MD and Dr. James Beck, MD, PhD on the looming battle over water fluoridation in Calgary, Canada. Calgary stopped adding fluoride to its water supplies in 2011 but recently a strong push from the fluoride lobby threatens to restart fluoridation. In this video, Dr. Dickson and Dr. Beck share their thoughts on why adding fluoride to Calgary’s water supplies is a VERY BAD IDEA. What happens in Calgary could have major implications for other Canadian cities, as well as other fluoridated cities across the globe.

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Video Timeline

0:00 Introduction by Paul Connett

~ Interview with Dr. Bob Dickson ~

2:00 Part 1: The History of Fluoridation in Calgary

8:16 Calgary Votes to End Fluoridation in 2011

15:20 Part 2: Calgary Currently Under Threat of Fluoridation

21:37 Whitewash – The CADTH Report on Fluoride

27:06 Part 3: The Attack on Dr. Dickson

42:26 A Doctor’s Assessment of the Risks of Fluoridation

~ Interview with Dr. James Beck ~

50:06 Part 4: Dr. James Beck Reflects on Fluoridation in Calgary

56:05 Changes in Science, the Evolving Research on Fluoride

01:00:48 The Ethics of Water Fluoridation

01:04:51 End – Thanks For Watching!