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Riddell 2019 Study: Fluoride in Water Linked to ADHD Symptoms and Diagnoses

April 1st, 2020

A paper published by in 2019 by Riddell et. al, “Association of water fluoride and urinary fluoride concentrations with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Canadian youth“, found that exposure to higher levels of fluoride in tap water is associated with an increased risk of ADHD symptoms and diagnosis of ADHD among Canadian youth, particularly among adolescents.

Above Video: Game-Changing Fluoride Neurotoxicity Study #3: Riddell 2019 

We found that Canadian youth exposed to higher tap water fluoride levels had a higher risk of receiving an ADHD diagnosis and reported more symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention. Specifically, an increase of 1.0?mg/L in water fluoride concentration was associated with a 6.1 times higher odds of an ADHD diagnosis after accounting for potential confounding variables, such as exposure to second-hand smoke, household income, and blood lead level. Likewise, water fluoride concentration was positively associated with hyperactive/inattentive symptoms, especially among older youth.”

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