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Special Video Update From FAN’s Attorney Michael Connett

December 27th, 2022 | Fluoride Action Network

Dear Friends:

First, A Fundraising Update

Between yesterday and this morning we’ve raised $2,690 from 5 donors, bringing our new total is  $62,269 from 442 donors. A HUGE thank you to all who have supported FAN so far during our fundraiser for our 2023 operating budget.

The last week of the fundraiser is usually the most important, and what we refer to as “crunch time,” as we strive to reach our goal of $180,000 from 1000 donors before midnight on New Years Eve.

Your support will be especially important this year as we await the last phase of the trial and upcoming verdict. I personally feel incredibly confident that we will win our lawsuit in federal court and the EPA will be forced to accept that fluoridation additives are a hazard to developing children, and thus will be required to make regulations to protect children and pregnant women from exposure. But while the EPA is promulgating these rules, it will be up to FAN–and all of us in the fluoride-free community–to educate state and local decision makers about the ruling and the science so that action can be taken to protect children immediately. Can you help us?

**PAYPAL NOTE: Several supporters have reached out and asked if a donation can be made via PayPal, and the answer is yes. Just use the following link, then click on the PayPal icon beneath the header that says “Payment Information” that is above the “DONATE NOW” button: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1415005

How To Make A Tax-Deductible Donation

Video Update From FAN’s Attorney

We are all incredibly lucky to have attorney Michael Connett leading the legal team in our caseagainst the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in federal court. I can say with the utmost confidence that no other attorney on earth has the background and knowledge that he has on fluoride and fluoridation. He quite literally has been preparing for over 20 years for th is moment, and has secured legal victory after legal victory for our side since the proceedings began in 2016.

In the short video below, Michael provides an update on our trial, along with what to expect in 2023. Please make sure to tune in to the next status hearing on Thursday, January 12th at 11:30AM (US Pacific / 2:30PM (US Eastern) by using the following Zoom link:


Webinar ID: 161 991 1861
Password: 912881

 Click below to watch the update:

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper

Executive Director

Fluoride Action Network