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Will Lithium Be Added To Our Water Next?

December 23rd, 2022 | Fluoride Action Network
Dear Friends,

In the first bulletin we published in December, I tried to put our issue into perspective by quoting the findings of leading researchers that chronic exposure to low-levels of fluoride–like is found in fluoridated communities–could be causing greater harm at the population-level than lead, mercury, and arsenic. Today, I want to provide a different, but equally concerning, reason why defeating fluoridation is so important.

Fluoridation is unique because unlike any other water treatment process, the practice isn’t intended to treat the water itself, but the person consuming it. No other chemical is added to the public water supply to supplement the drinker’s diet, or expose them to a preventative medical treatment. This is why 97% of the world has rejected the idea of mass medicating their population with fluoridation chemicals; it violates medical ethics, including the principle of informed consent and is dangerous because all citizens are exposed regardless of age, health, weight, or vulnerability, and their individual dose cannot be controlled.

Like with any chemical, there will also be a percentage of people who are hypersensitive to fluoride, whether exposed in the shower or from consumption of fluoride-tainted foods, beverages, or dental products. For this reason it ought to be common sense for governments to provide the cleanest potable drinking water free from as many toxins and contaminants as possible, and therefore safe for as many residents as possible. Medical treatments, supplements, vitamins, and other unnecessary chemicals should not be added, because doing so forces citizens to choose between hydration–a vital requirement for survival–and regulating their exposure to these potentially harmful additives.

However, common sense isn’t so common these days, and the practice of fluoridation has set a horrible precedent that is now being used to justify adding additional medical treatments to the drinking water. In recent years, more and more researchers and public health “experts” have been touting the idea of adding lithium, which like fluoride can be found naturally at very low or trace levels in some water supplies. The suggestion is that doing so could reduce depression and suicide rates.

This November, the DailyMail newspaper in the United Kingdom published an article about “one leading NHS mental health expert” who was recommending “putting lithium in drinking water.” This article is just the most recent in a modern trend develop a discussion on the public health strategy. Some examples include:

This past February, a research team from Chile published an article in the journal Frontiers In Public Health entitled “Lithium in Drinking Water As A Public Policy For Suicide Prevention,” calling on the public health community to establish a “consensus on lithium concentration in water,” and using fluoridation as a model to be replicated. This study joins many others published in the past decade discussing the potential benefits of higher lithium levels in tap water.

Politicians, profiting entities, researchers, and public health tyrants aren’t going to stop with fluoride. It’s only a matter of time before other medical treatments and unnecessary additives are injected into your water supply “for your health.” Exposing the dangers of fluoridation and putting an end to the practice is the only way we’ll be able to stop the implementation of other misguided and unethical interventions.

Please help support FAN and our work fighting for safe drinking water for all citizens. Clearly there’s much at stake.

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper

Executive Director

Fluoride Action Network