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Annual Fundraiser | December 2013

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With the close of the year fast approaching, we have launched our annual fundraiser. Since FAN relies almost entirely on individuals for support (we receive no funding from corporations, and very little from foundations), the success of our annual fundraiser is critical to ensuring that we have sufficient funds to carry on our mission of raising public awareness about the hazards of fluoride exposure. Our goal this year is to raise $120,000 from 600 donors by midnight Dec 31. Every contribution, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated because our opposition will be spending at least ten times this amount, as they always do, to continue propping up the woefully outdated and dangerous fluoridation paradigm.

If you support our work, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Everyone who makes a donation can elect to receive a gift in return. To see the gifts that we have available — including bumper stickers, shirts, tote-bags, books, and DVDs — click here.

Donations can be made online or by sending a check (payable to Fluoride Action Network) to:

Fluoride Action Network
104 Walnut Street
Binghamton NY 13905

From all of us at FAN, thank you for your support!

The FAN Team
(Carol, Chris, Ellen, Michael, Paul, and Stuart)