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FAN Bulletin | January 02, 2014

Dear Supporter,

Yes we did it! As of midnight Dec. 31 we had raised $127,224 from 728 donors thus surpassing both our target goals ($120,000 from 600 donors) and our wildest expectations.  It was a remarkable day for FAN – we raised an incredible $18,000!  Overall, this was the most successful fundraiser we have ever had.

We wish to thank again all of those who gave so generously. This bodes well for the largest challenge of all –ending water fluoridation. In our view, there are only three ways we can do this: education, education and education! With education people go only one way on this – so eventually we must win.

We will be sending out the premiums next week except for the playing cards, which will be sent out at the end of the month.  If you have any questions on the premiums please contact ellen@fluoridealert.org.

My personal wish list for the New Year

Here are some of my New Year wishes for 2014.

1) Fluoride out of our water

2) Mercury out of our mouths

3) GMOs and pesticides out of our food

4) Sugar out of our schools

5) Aspartame out of everything

6) PVC out of commerce

7) Incineration out of waste management

8) Waste out of our language

9) Ways to get organically-grown food to low-income families

10) Integrity returned to science and public health policies

Wouldn’t that make for a Happy New Year? Some of these wishes seem like impossible dreams but as we have repeated several times during the fundraiser, according to Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Remembering some of our giants

Newton said of his discoveries, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The same could be said about the progress that the Fluoride Action Network is having around the world today. Our work is only possible because of the dedicated efforts of both citizen activists and scientists from the past.

The latest of those giants to leave us was our beloved Professor Albert Burgstahler and before him (this year) Ireland’s Robert Pocock and Gladys Ryan as well as Gladys Caldwell co-author with Philip Zanfagna of the book, Fluoridation and Truth Decay, and the lovely Anita Knight from Florida.  We will always remember them and the other giants of this movement, some of whom I have listed below.

Albert Burgstahler  (1928 -2013)

Robert Pocock  (1950 -2013)

Gladys Ryan  (1929 -2013)

Gladys Caldwell (1919-2013)

Anita Knight (1934-2013)

Lennart Krook  (1924 -2010)

Philip Zanfagna (1936-2010)

Carol Patton  (1938 -2009)

Glen Walker  (1914 -2009)

Darlene Sherrell (1941-2008)

Ellie Rudolph (? – 2008)

Martha Bevis  (1927- 2007)

Nic Brugge  (1928 -2007)

Niloufer Chinoy (1939-2006)

Albert Schatz  (1920 -2005)

Jane Jones  (1938 -2004)

John Lee  (1929 – 2003)

John Yiamouyiannis  (1943 -2000)

John Colquhoun  (1924 -1999)

Geoffrey Smith (1932-1997)

Philip Sutton  (1914-1995)

George Waldbott –publications (1898 -1982)

Fred Exner

Kaj Roholm (1902 -1938)

Please feel free to send me names of those I may have overlooked (and the missing birth and death years of some on this list).

Again thank you for your generous support and a very happy and successful New Year.

Paul Connett,

Director of FAN
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