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Over 85 groups join Worldwide Alliance

FAN Bulletin | April 1, 2014

Dear Supporter:

Before we get to the very exciting news about the enthusiastic response to our appeal for groups to join the Worldwide Alliance to End fluoridation, we start with a few other items.

1) We have some disappointing news from New Zealand. Sadly, the councilors in Hamilton, New Zealand voted to restart fluoridation.  The group Fluoride Free Hamilton has responded to the vote with a press release, and the vote may now be facing a judicial review.

2) Here is a link to a 30 minute interview on Pacifica Radio out of Berkeley, California featuring spokespersons from three of the groups in the Worldwide Alliance: Jay Sanders (Clean Water California), Arlene Goetze (Say No To Poison, Sunnyvale, California and Paul Connett (Fluoride Action Network).

The response to our bulletin requesting groups fighting fluoridation to join the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation has been fantastic. We have had over 50 more groups from 12 countries join the Alliance since we sent out the announcement last week.

Below is the updated list of the Founding Member groups of the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation. We are working on a separate list of individuals and businesses supporting the Alliance.  If your group has a website or Facebook page please email the links to stuart@fluoridealert.org.  We would like to include this information on the official alliance list that will soon be found at www.fluoridealert.org .

Thank you again to everyone who has signed on and for everything else you are all doing to end this unethical and reckless practice around the world.

Stuart Cooper

Campaign Director of FAN,

  Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation


•    Alliance for a Clean Environment (Perth, WA). Contact: Jane Bremmer, acejane@bigpond.com

•    Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura (AFAM, Victoria). Contact: Daniel Zalec, afamildura.wordpress.com

•    Citizens Against Fluoridation Incorporated (Port Macquarie Area, NSW). Contact: John Lusk, luskjo3@bigpond.com

•    Clean Water for Life (Sydney, NSW). Contact: Zara Dostojevski, zara_dostojevski@yahoo.com.au

•    Fluoride Action Network Australia Inc. Contact; Merilyn Haines contact@fluoridealertaustralia.org

•    Fluoride Free WA (Western Australia). Contact: James Fairbairn, james@fluoridefreewa.org

•    Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc. (Brisbane). Contact: info@qawf.org

•    Stop Artificial Fluoridation & Educate (Sunshine Coast, Queensland). Contact: Lisa Perry lisagvh@yahoo.com


·     Flúor na Água Não! (Brazil), Contact: Alexandre Cruz, alexandrecruz19@yahoo.com.br, http://sites.google.com/site/venenofluor/


•    Anti Fluoride Saskatoon (Saskatchewan). Contact:Mike Sharpe, mikesdelivery@sasktel.net

•    Citizens for a Safe Environment (Toronto, Ontario). Contact: Karen Buck karenbuck@rogers.com

•    Citizens for Healthy Water in Richmond, QC : Mandy Demers,eausainerichmond@gmail.commandy.demers@cgocable.ca

•    Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (Dryden, ON). Contact: Tom and Joyce Fleming, tjfleming45@hotmail.com

•    Concerned Residents of Peel to End Water Fluoridation  (Peel Region, Ontario). Contact: Liesa Cianchino, mistma.consulting.inc@live.com

•    Durham Environmental Watch, (Durham, ON). Contact: Kerry Meydam, ksam2@rogers.com

•    End Fluoridation in Haldimand (Norfolk County, Ontario). Contact: dalejwhite@hotmail.com, dalewhite@lifemax.me

•    Fluoride Free Halton,  (Ontario). Contact: Diane Sprules diane.sprules@bell.net

•    Fluoride Free Lethbridge (Alberta). Contact: Marilyn Hafichuk, marilyn@fluoridefreelethbridge.com

•    Fluoride Free Ottawa (Ontario). Contact Richard Hudon, rich.hudon@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Peel (Region of Peel, Ontario). Contact: info@FluorideFreePeel.ca

•    Fluoride Free Peterborough (Ontario). Contact Linda Clark, fluoridefreepeterborough@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Prince George (BC). Contact: Emile Begin, fluoridefreepg@outlook.com

•    Fluoride Free Windsor (Windsor/Essex County, Ontario). Contact: Donna Mayne, donnajeanmayne@gmail.com

•    Front Commun Pour une Eau Saine (Quebec). Contact: Gilles Parent gilles.parent-nd@bellnet.ca

•    HANS – Health Action Network Society (Burnaby, BC). Contact: Lorna Hancock, ljhancock1@shaw.ca

•    Les Amies de la Terre de Québec (Quebec). Contact: Michel Leclerc

•    Muskoka Citizens Opposed to Fluoridation (Muskoka Region). Contact: Ruth Bednar ruth.bednar@sympatico.ca

•    People for Safe Drinking Water – London (Fluoride Free London) (Ontario). Contact Chris Gupta, fluoridefreelondon@gmail.com

•    Qualité de Vie Écodurable (QVE) (Quebec). Contact: Jean Cloutier, info@qve.qc.ca

•    WeDeserveSafeWater.com (Edmonton and Alberta) Contact: Joanne, <info@joannedavid.com>


•    Birmingham Against Fluoridation. Contact: Lynne Habermacher.

•     Fluoride Free Bedford. Contact: Cynthia Bagchi cynthiabagchi@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Tamworth and South Staffordshire (Tamworth, Staffs). Contact: Chris Cooke, pdqprint@onetel.net

•    Hampshire Against Fluoridation, (Southampton). Contact: Anna Peckham  peckhams@yahoo.com

•    National Pure Water Association. Contact: John F. Graham, <johnf_graham@ntlworld.com

•    Safe Water Information Service (SWIS). Contact: Ivor Hueting, info@safewaterinfrmation.org

•    West Midlands Against Fluoridation. Contact: Joy Warren, wmaf@live.co.uk


•    Citizens for a Fluoride Free Tipperary (Ireland). Contact, Terry Jackson, theterryjackson@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Towns Project (Ireland). Contact: Owen Boyden info@fluoridefreetowns.com

•    The Girl Against Fluoride (Ireland) Contact: Aisling FitzGibbon, info@thegirlagainstfluoride.com

•    West Cork Fluoride Free Campaign. Contact: Owen Boyden westcorkfluoridefree@gmail.com


•    Japanese Society for Fluoride Research. Contact: Kenji Akiniwa, zvd03254@nifty.com


•    Citizens for a FluorideFree Nakuru and Narok County. Contact: Walter Olekulet, wolekulet@gmail.com


•    Consumers’ Association of Penang. Contact: Mageswari Sangaralingam magesling@gmail.com

•    Sahabat Alam (Friends’ of the Earth) Malaysia. Contact: S.M. Mohamed Idris, smmohdidris@gmail.com


•    Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED). Contact: Ram Charitra Sah, cephed04@yahoo.com


•    Fluoride Action New Zealand, Contact: Mary Byrne, info@fannz.org.nz

•    Fluoride Free Auckland. Contact: Marina Waterhouse, backtothesource@xtra.co.nz

•    Fluoride Free Hamilton. Contact: Pat McNair, fluoridefree@actrix.co.nz

•    Fluoride Free Kapiti Coast. Contact:  Deborah Wood: nehutai@paradise.net.nz

•    Fluoride Free Wellington. Contact: Lynn Jordan, jordanelynn@yahoo.co.uk

•    Fluoride Free Whakatane. Contact: Jon Burness, jonb523@hotmail.com

•    Safe Water Alternative NZ Inc (SWANZ). Contact: Trevor Crosbie, tamac@xtra.co.nz


•    Arkansas Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (Hot Springs, AR). Contact: Crystal Harvey, crystalthepink@gmail.com

•    Cancer Prevention Coalition for Los Angeles. Contact: Shelley Kramer, helthcom@aol.com

•    Cape Fear Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (Wilmington, NC). Contact: Evan Folds, evanf@progressivegardens.com

•    Center for Integral Studies Austin, TX. Contact: Eduardo Longoria, wayo2@me.com

•    Citizens For Safe Water Pinellas (Pinellas County, FL).  Contact: Kurt Irmischer, kurt@capitalplanning.org

•    Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (Albany, NY). Contact: Barbara Warren <warrenba@msn.com>

•    Clean Water California. Contact: Jay Sanders jstandards@yahoo.com

•    Clean Water for Wheeling Now (Wheeling WV). Contact: Craig Thoburn, c_thoburn@yahoo.com

•    Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS). Contact: Leo Cashman, <dams@usfamily.net>.

•    End Fluoridation in Sammamish(Sammamish, WA). Contact:  Anita Kumar, anita_kumar7@yahoo.com

•    Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Contact: Paul Connett, pconnett@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Anniston (Anniston AL). Contact: Ellen Corke, stopfluoride@yahoo.com

•    Fluoride Free Arvada (Arvada, CO). Contact: Andrew D. Blanford, <fluoridefreearvada@yahoo.com>

•    Fluoride Free Austin (Austin, TX). Contact: Joan Sefcik, joansefcik@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free CT. Contact: Elaine Titus, elainetitus@comcast.net

•    Fluoride Free Florida. Contact: Mark Eckert, fluoridefreeflorida@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Fort Collins (CO). Contact: Anthony Johnson ajohnson.472@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Framingham (Framingham, MA, USA). Contact: Chuck Matzker, cmatzker@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Illinois. Contact: Michael Finley, mike@fluoridefreeillinois.org

•    Fluoride Free Neenah (Neenah, WI). Contact Joe Kemp ffnw2014@gmail.com

•    Fluoride Free Nevada. Contact, Doug Cacciola, dcacciola.handyman@gmail.com

•    Fluoride-Free Grand Rapids (MI). Contact: Scott Volkhardt, sonicwave78@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/groups/FluorideFreeGRNOW/

•    Fluoride-Free New Hampshire. Contact: Stuart Cooper, stuart@fluoridealert.org

•    Kansas Republican Assembly (Wichita, KS). Contact: Mark S. Gietzen, mgietzen@sbcglobal.net

•    Midsouth Fluoride Free Coalition (Memphis, TN) Contact: Mary Phelps, truthaboutfluoride@gmail.com

•    New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.  (NYSCOF). Contact: Carol S. Kopf nyscof@aol.com

•    No Fluoride Minnesota. Contact: Leslie Davis, leslie@earthprotector.org

•    No Fluoride New Jersey Contact: Jared, nfnjmovement@gmail.com

•    No More Poison in Our Water (Mountain Home, Arizona). Contact: Bernice Peplowski, humblebee212@hotmail.com

•    No Toxins for Children (Sunnyvale, CA). Contact: Arlene Goetze, photowrite67@yahoo.com

•    Path Forward Group (St. Louis, Mo). Contact: Rose A. Jenkins, plasma@brick.net.

•    Public Notice on Water Fluoridation (Massachusetts). Contact: Michael F. Dolan, mdolan.ecsn@outlook.com.

•    Pure Water for Mid-Coast Maine (Camden, ME & coastal region) Contact: Alison McKellar, alisonmckellar@gmail.com

•    San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water (San Diego, CA). Contact:Patty Ducey-Brooks, pbrooks936@aol.com

•    Washington Action for Safe Water (Washington state, US). Contact Audrey Adams, audrey55@comcast.net

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