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Three Fluoride-Free Victories & Exciting Conference Update

FAN Bulletin | May 15, 2014

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We have plenty of good news to share with you in this bulletin, including three fluoride-free victories, a letter from a doctor, an exciting conference announcement, and the audio from the latest teleconference.

Victories & Latest Developments

Three more U.S. communities have ended fluoridation this week, joining the list of over 135 that have ended the practice since 2010:

  • Boyne City, Michigan – City Commissioners voted 3-2 to end more than 40 years of fluoridation for the town’s approximately 4,000 residents. Commissioner Gene Towne summed up the council’s decision, saying: “It comes down to choice. I don’t see how you can control the dosage (of fluoride that people ingest) if it’s in everything. If there’s a chance that it could cause any health problems … this should all come down to your choice.”
  • Buffalo and Union, MissouriOn Monday, Alderman voted to end a decade of fluoridation, saying the additive damaged equipment, city trucks, and was not economical. Also this week, councilors in Union, Missouri voted 7-1 to end fluoridation after the city’s public service committee recommended the city not repair fluoride injection equipment destroyed by the corrosive additive. According to the City Engineer, “It’s an acid and it eats the pipes. Employees are handling it and they don’t want to be.”

In Oregon, the computer-chip manufacturer Intel was fined $143,000 for failing to disclose fluoride emissions for over 30 years. While the penalty is absurdly small compared to the company’s annual profits of $9.6 billion, it does make it one of the largest air-quality fines in the state’s history.  This was a situation where the state’s environmental agency didn’t “know” Intel was pumping out fluoride, which it should have known as fluoride is one of the electronics industry’s main pollutants.  Intel noted that it will release “up to 6.4 tons of fluoride per year” in a new expansion to their chip-making facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. 

There was also good news out of the United Kingdom, where a week ago councilors in Bolton pledged not to vote for fluoridation or hold a referendum to start the practice despite prodding from Public Health England to do so. A local MP, David Crausby, supported the decision, saying: “Our water should be pure and to put fluoride in water is mass medication, which is illegal…each individual should decide what they take in their water.”

Irish Medical Times Letter

An Irish doctor has written an excellent letter condemning fluoridation.  It was published in the countries premier medical newspaper, the Irish Medical Times. Dr. Neville Wilson, of the Leinster Clinic in Maynooth, authored the letter-to-the-editor entitled, “We Must Question Mass Medication Without ‘Benefit.’” Please read and share this professional’s call for an end to fluoridation.

Conference Update

In the next couple of days we will be sending out an official invite to the FAN’s Fifth Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride, which this year will be held in Washington, D.C. on September 6-8. We have booked the hotel and conference center, and have invited a number of expert presenters from around the world to speak. We will be sharing this information with you in an upcoming bulletin, as well as on a new FAN webpage where you will be able to register for the conference. But this isn’t the only exciting news we have to share with you!

One expert who has accepted our invitation to present at the conference is osteopathic physician and alternative medicine entrepreneur Dr. Joseph Mercola. He has published many articles on the harms associated with fluoridation, and we are very excited to have him in attendance at our conference. Stay tuned for more conference updates.

International Teleconference

If you missed this past Saturday’s International Fluoride-free Teleconference you can now listen to the audio and see the accompanying materials. The call focused on the impact of fluoride on horses, and featured horse owner Cathy Justus (“Poisoned Horses”), chemist Dr. Richard Sauerheber, and veterinarian Dr. Larry Kelly.

Listen to the Conference


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