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You’re Invited to FAN’s Fifth Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride

FAN Bulletin | June 27, 2014

Dear Supporter,

We would like to formally invite you to attend FAN’s Fifth Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride, which will take place at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia, September 5 – 8, 2014.

In this three-day Conference we will focus on Science (Sat Sept 6), Organization (Sun Sept 7) and Action (Mon Sept 8).

We will have many important speakers but here we would like to pull out three for your special attention: on Saturday we will hear from Dr. Quanyong Xiang from the CDC, in China. Xiang performed one of the pivotal IQ studies that was reviewed both by the NRC in 2006 and a team from Harvard in 2012. On Sunday we will hear a presentation from Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of FAN’s strongest supporters and from Ireland’s premier activist, Aisling FitzGibbon, aka, The Girl Against Fluoride.


If you are coming by air, fly into Reagan National Airport, Washington DC.
There is a free shuttle from airport to hotel (Hyatt Regency hotel in Crystal City, Virginia). There is also a free shuttle from hotel to the Metro (which takes you into the Capital).

FAN has reserved rooms at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia: $120 for single or double occupancy, taxes included. In other words if you are willing to share a room it will cost $60 per person. If you are willing to share a room with someone you don’t know, see Note 1 below.

To book these rooms at these rates (which include free Wi Fi) you can either

Phone in your reservation, 1-888-421-1442 and say you are attending the FLUORIDE Conference.

Book Online at https://aws.passkey.com/g/27254120  (dedicated for FAN Conference)

By booking your room this way it means the room can be cancelled up to August 12 without charge. You can get cheaper rates by booking online, but there is no free cancellation, nor free WiFi.

Please fill out the form here: 

$75 for those who are part of a group fighting fluoridation and $150 for all others. You can pay either online or by check – see information on the
Registration Form. We are seeking funding support for activists on low-incomes, see the Funding below.

You will be on your own for food, but there are many restaurants and eating-places within a short walking distance of the hotel.

We are hoping that those who are part of a group fighting fluoridation (especially members of the
Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation) will get some financial support from their group to attend. Your group’s voice needs to be heard in DC.

We are also appealing to those who cannot attend to make a small donation to help others on a low-income to attend. Please make out a check to FAN Conference Support Fund and send to FAN, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton, NY 13905. We are also seeking support from a few small foundations.


Friday Sept 5

For those coming from out of town we urge you to arrive on Friday evening (Sept 5) because we will be starting fairly early on Saturday morning (registration at 8 am, opening ceremony 8:30 am with Henry Lickers and first lecture at 9 am).

Saturday Sept 6

Saturday will be devoted to the science that indicates that there is no margin of safety to protect all our citizens from known health effects when they drink fluoridated water (even moreso when we add in fluoride from other sources). A special focus will be put on the fact that fluoride is a potent neurotoxin and the growing evidence that fluoride lowers IQ in children at fairly modest levels. Confirmed speakers include: Paul Connett, Michael Connett, Chris Neurath, Bill Hirzy and Quanyong Xiang from China.

Sunday Sept 7

To end fluoridation we simply have to get better at dealing with the psychological (but unscientific) hold that this seven-decade policy has on the minds of the public health community, dental organizations and the ill-informed.

Thus on Sunday April 7 we will hear from groups who defeated fluoridation and how they did it and we will discuss the formation of FAN’s new campaign arm: Parents Against Fluoridation. The one group of citizens that can’t be silenced by slick PR – once they know that their children’s health is threatened– is parents.

We need your help and creativity on how to make Parents Against Fluoridation a success, and we will be looking for activists to head up this new FAN initiative. We will be helped by some outstanding activists on this and other issues:

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola. No one has done more to further our cause than the host of one of the most popular health sites in the world.
  • Stuart Cooper (FAN’s campaign manager)
  • Rick North (who helped in the successful effort to keep fluoridation out or Portland)
  • Charlie Brown, the director of Consumers for Dental Choice. Charlie has performed miracles in the worldwide battle to rid dentistry of mercury amalgams. Hopefully, he can help us do the same for water fluoridation
  • Mike Ewall, one of the most effective organizers in the country on waste and energy issues, is now a lawyer and resides in Washington, DC
  • Henry Lickers can give us the perspective of First Nations people on grass roots organizing and the special role that mothers have played in these
  • Dr. Neil Carman (formerly with the Texas Air Commission and member of the Sierra Club) will tell us some of the things, which are going on in Austin, Texas in their battle to end fluoridation there.
  • Ireland’s premier activist, Aisling FitzGibbon, aka, The Girl Against Fluoride.
Monday Sept 8

On Monday we will be taking some of what we have learned on Sunday into action with our lobby day. This is your chance to knock on a few doors in the Nation’s capital.

Our message: we must get Congress to force federal Agencies (FDA, EPA) to do an honest job on protecting our children from fluoride’s toxicity.

1) We need the FDA to regulate fluoride for ingestion.

2) We need the EPA to determine a scientifically-based (not politically-influenced) MCLG (maximum contaminant level goal) for fluoride. 

3) We need Congressional Hearings to secure both 1) and 2).

4) At the very least, we must get Congress to stop using taxpayers’ money to fund CDC’s biased promotion of fluoridation. Taxpayers’ money should not be used for propaganda.

NOTE: If you want to share a room with another person that you don’t know.

Ellen (ellen@fluoridealert.org) will pair people for the double rooms.

• Only one person can use their credit card to book the room. At the end of the stay the hotel will accept two credit cards so that each person can pay their own share.

• Let Ellen know if you are willing to use your credit card for the initial booking. 

Let’s meet, work and have fun together!

Paul and Ellen Connett
for the Conference Planning Committee

Paul and Ellen Connett
Stuart Cooper
Cynthia Erville
Bill Hirzy
Carol Kopf
Stella Kwan
Chris Neurath
Bill Osmunson

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