Dear Supporter,

FAN has decided to launch a new educational and action campaign called Parents Against Fluoridation. This will be formally launched at FAN’s Fifth Citizens Conference on Fluoride Sept 6-9 in Washington, DC where we will flesh out the future shape and structure of the campaign.  Meanwhile, we would like to start the process by recruiting interested parents now.

If you are a parent or grandparent we invite you to become a founding member of the Parents Against Fluoridation campaign and help recruit more – many more – to do likewise. To do this, simply add your name(s) to the statement: 


While we are beginning with individual members our goal is to form Parents Against Fluoridation chapters in as many fluoridated towns as we can – and keep doing it until this practice is ended worldwide. 

If you have special skills that you think could help in this campaign locally, nationally or internationally please send them along with your signed statement.


Paul Connett, PhD

Co-author of The Case Against Fluoride… (Chelsea Green, 2010).


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