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Historic Denver Forum & LULAC Man of the Year

FAN Bulletin | July 20, 2015

Snowmass Ends Fluoridation

On Friday, the Water and Sanitation District board of directors for the Colorado town of Snowmass, with approximately 2,800 residents, voted 3-2 in favor of a motion to discontinue fluoridation.  The decision came after the recent change in the recommended fluoride level by U.S. Health and Human Services re-ignited the debate over the safety and efficacy of the practice in Snowmass.  The majority of directors were concerned with the potential long-term health effects of fluoridation, and felt that fluoride consumption ought to be a choice rather than a mandate.

Will Denver Be Next?

The Director of the Fluoride Action Network and co-author of “The Case Against Fluoride,” Paul Connett, PhD will be traveling to Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, July 29th for the city’s first public forum on water fluoridation.

Recent pressure on the Denver Water Board to end fluoridation from citizens and local campaigners (including We Are Change Colorado) resulted in the board hosting this historic event as a way to re-examine the issue.  The forum will include a panel of three experts representing both sides of the debate.  Paul Connett will be joined in opposition to the practice by campaigner and horse breeder Cathy Justus, who successfully got Pagosa Springs to end fluoridation, and Dr. Jeremy Widmann who studied Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado.

The proponents of fluoridation will by represented by William Bailey, DDS, formerly with the CDC, Katya Mauritson, DMD, Colorado State dental Director, and Brett Kessler, DDS, Past President of the Colorado Dental Association.  Both sides have 30 minutes total with up to 20 minutes of questioning from the panel.

The Denver Dental Society sees the forum as a threat to fluoridation and has responded by urging its members to send letters to board members.

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LULAC Man of the Year

In 2011, the oldest and largest organization representing Hispanics in the U.S., the League of United Latin Americans (LULAC), adopted a historic resolution calling for an end to water fluoridation.  Henry Rodriguez, Founder and Director of Concilio Zapatista 4383 in Texas, submitted the resolution and received a great deal of pushback from proponents of the practice.  Three years later, FAN was honored to have Henry as a featured speaker at the 5th Citizens Conference on Fluoride, where he spoke about the resolution and was very well received.

Last week at the LULAC Annual Convention, Henry Rodriguez was named Man of the Year for his work protecting the civil rights of Hispanics; including protecting them from overexposure to fluoride.  Clearly, the membership of LULAC has embraced Henry and continues to stand by their strong opposition to water fluoridation.

July’s Teleconference Audio

You can now download the audio from July’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference. The call was entitled, “Water Workers Unit: Meet the People Who Treat Your Water,” and featured a discussion by water treatment experts on how fluoride additives are introduced into the water supply, the reasons they now oppose the practice, and how you can educate your local water plant employees about fluoridation.  To learn more about the call and to download the audio please click on the following link:


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Campaign Manager,
Fluoride Action Network

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