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Video of Denver Fluoridation Forum & Petition to FDA

FAN Bulletin | August 5, 2015

If you missed the live coverage of last week’s fluoridation forum in Denver, Colorado, you can now view video of the historic event.

  • WATCH: 30-minute edited video of Dr. Paul Connett’s (FAN’s Director & Co-author of The Case Against Fluoride) presentation to the water board, closing remarks, and follow-up interview.  Please share this video!

According to the Denver Water Board’s website:

“The Board did not make any policy changes during the session, though the expert testimony provided, in addition to public comment collected both before and after the session, will inform the Board’s fluoride policy discussion at its regular meeting on Aug. 26, 2015. During this meeting, the Board intends to vote whether to change Denver Water’s policy on fluoridation.”

Click here to learn how you can contact the Denver Water Board to offer public comment before the 26th.

Help Force the FDA to Take Action

It’s time to for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate fluoridated drinking water and fluoridation additives as drugs.  The FDA does not currently regulate public drinking water or its additives, putting public safety at risk and leaving fluoridation without proper oversight or regulation.  On June 1, 2015, Attorney Gerald Steel, along with ten organizations (including Food and Water Watch and Fluoride Action Network) joined together to submit a formal petition to the FDA requesting:

That the FDA issue a regulation in 21 CFR Part 250 (or in another appropriate Part) stating that fluoridation chemical additives and fluoridated drinking waters are drugs pursuant to section 201(g)(1) of the FDCA when the intended use is to aid in the prevention, mitigation, and/or prophylactic treatment of dental caries disease (tooth decay, cavities).

It will be much more difficult for the FDA to ignore this petition if they get hundreds or even thousands of public comments in support of the petition.  We have until August 27, 2015 to submit comments and attachments in support of this regulation.  Please help by submitting a science or health-based comment, and please forward this email to others who oppose fluoridation.  The FDA should respond to the Petition before January.

The best way to comment is to attach a Word or PDF file with your statement and supporting documents, then type a very short description of your attachments in the “comment box.”  You can also type your full comment in support of this proposed regulation directly into the “Comment” box without any attachments.  (NOTE: You have to put something into the “Comment box” even if it is only a description of your attachments.  If your comments don’t fit in the box, or your attachments are too large, you can make multiple submissions.)

When other people access this docket, they will see what you put in the “Comment” box, they will be able to read any attachments, but you will only be identified by your country, state or province, and your category (either “individual consumer” or “other organization”).  You can type in your First and Last name or, if you don’t, your comment will filed under “Anonymous.”

August Teleconference

The next International Fluoride Free Teleconference will be held this Saturday, August 8th at 5PM (Eastern time).  The call will feature a reunion of some of the many fluoridation experts who have presented on the monthly teleconference since its inception two years ago.  The speakers will provide an update on their own progress, and will be offering guidance to those who join the call and have questions.


Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager,
Fluoride Action Network

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