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THE GOOD NEWS: It’s not too late to register for the 5th Citizens Conference on Fluoride in Washington, D.C. on Sept 6-8! See conference details and the full agenda. All you have to do is let Ellen ( know that you would like to attend so you can get your name & contact info on the list of attendees before it’s printed. Send her your name, city, state, email, name of group, and its web address.

Please also contact Ellen if you’re a campaigner and would like to attend but need assistance.  

Important New Conference Developments:

  • Jennifer Luke, PhD, will be attending the conference. Dr Luke was the first to study the uptake of fluoride in the pineal gland (1997, 2001). She analyzed the fluoride content in the pineals of elderly cadavers in the UK and found that they contained levels of fluoride to be the highest ever recorded in the human, with some exceeding 21,000 ppm! Dr. Luke will give a presentation on Saturday to update us on fluoride in pineal research since her study was published followed by a Q & A.
  • Quanyong Xiang will be speaking on Saturday. Dr. Xiang did his PhD research on fluoride’s association with lowered IQ. His subsequent papers on this research have been among the best of the studies published on this subject (see his papers from 2003 here & here). I met him in person when he hosted my trip to China – courtesy of the Chinese CDC – in 2004, during which I was able to visit the villages where he did his IQ research. We in turn hosted Xiang for a week during his visit to the US where he gave talks on his work at SUNY, Binghamton, NY; St Lawrence University, Canton, NY; Cornell University; Boston University and met with researchers at Harvard (by Paul Connett).

Xiang’s visit to Washington, DC could not come at a better time. Promoters of fluoridation continue to distribute misleading and inaccurate PR on the IQ studies. They know if this issue gets more traction fluoridation is over. There is no one in the world better qualified to set the record straight on what the Chinese studies found out about this critically important research area than Quanyong Xiang. 

  • Help! We still need a volunteer to photograph the Conference and lobby day. Any aspiring Ansel Adam or Dorothea Lange in the group?
  • This will be a Zero Waste conference. We will email all conference attendees with any relevant papers and a list of the attendees and their contact info.  For Monday lobbyists there will be paper handouts.

Invite Congressional Staff to Conference:

Whether you plan on attending the upcoming fluoride conference or not, you can help FAN educate our DC officials by inviting their staffers to attend Saturday’s conference free-of-charge. Saturday will be dedicated to the latest science and research on fluoride, presented by some of the foremost experts on the issue. We want Congressional staffers to hear this info and bring it back to the elected officials they work with. Because of the influence this could potentially have, and because staffers generally aren’t interested in paying to be lobbied or educated on issues, we will waive their registration fee if they can provide ID. 

Make Appointments for Lobby Day:

If you have registered for the conference, or plan on attending, please make sure to schedule an appointment with your members of Congress for lobby day, which will be Monday, September 8. You can find your Representative and Senators’ contact information by clicking here. Call their DC offices and say that you are a constituent and will be in Washington, D.C. on September 8 and would like an opportunity to meet with the Representative/Senator if possible, as well as meet with the staff member in charge of health policy. Ideally they will offer you at least a 20-minute time slot with the staffer and a photo opportunity with your elected official. If the health policy staffer isn’t available, you can also ask to meet the education policy staffer. If they ask what you would like to meet about, don’t be afraid to tell them water fluoridation, but make sure they understand that as a constituent this issue is very important to you and ought to be important to the elected official.  

Please don’t delay making your appointments. Officials and their staff are busy and will just be returning back from summer break, so please make your appointment as soon as possible. 

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