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Three Victories & A Successful Conference

FAN Bulletin | September 13, 2014

Dear Supporter,

Recent Victories

  • Oliver Springs, Tennessee–Water Board members in the community of 3,500 voted to stop adding fluoride to the town’s water at their September 4 meeting after more then two years of discussion and debate. The town’s fluoride stockpile is expected to run out this week. A water department employee initially raised concerns over the safety of the additive, and a majority of citizens polled on the issue opposed the practice. See short video report on the vote.
  • Multnomah County, Oregon—County officials have decided to phase out a long-standing fluoride supplement program at local schools in favor of a “scientifically proven” and “more effective” sealant program. According to the county’s new Dental Director, “ Fluoride tablets are just not an effective way to deliver fluoride to children.” Multnomah County is home to the city of Portland, and the decision will impact about 28,000 children in 108 schools who will no longer be ingesting the neurotoxin on a daily basis.
  • San Francisco, California—Approximately 7.4 million more people will now be warned not to reconstitute infant formula with fluoridated tap water or else risk overexposing their children to fluoride and giving them dental fluorosis. Clean Water California has reported that their members successfully convinced the East Bay and San Francisco municipal officials to add the warnings to annual water quality reports. Click here to learn how you can start your own infant warning campaign.

5TH Citizens Conference on Fluoride was a success

FAN’s conference in Washington, DC this past weekend was a great success! We had a very good turnout, both for the conference and for our first fluoride lobby day. As you can see from the pictures posted below, we had more then two-dozen professional and citizen campaigners meeting with elected officials on Monday (not all are pictured), and our conference room was at capacity on Saturday, with standing room only for Dr. Quangong Xiang’s keynote address on IQ and fluoride.

Early next week we will send out another bulletin providing a review of the conference that will include links to the power point presentations for each speaker.

While lobby day was a success in terms of the positive response we received from Congressional staffers and the positive experience our campaigners had, we still need to maintain the pressure on our elected officials if we ultimately want to get hearings on fluoridation.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to send a letter to your Representative and Senators using our automated system.  Together we can accomplish our goal, but we must stay vigilant.


International Fluoride Free Teleconference

This Sunday, September 14 don’t miss the International Fluoride Free Teleconference, which will feature Dan Stockin, MPH discussing newly uncovered CDC documents showing just how the proponents of fluoridation work together to manipulate the science and public discourse on the practice. Also on the call will be Scott Edwards, the Co-Director of the Food & Water Justice Project, who will give everyone a primer on making Freedom of Information Act requests. Don’t miss this call, register for free today:


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Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager
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