First, from all of us at FAN, we would like to wish all our supporters and their families a happy and successful New Year. Which for most of us would mean winning our TSCA lawsuit scheduled to begin April 20, 2020. Just in case you missed it here is a link to Michael Connett’s video statement from Dec 31.

The last day of our fundraiser was a real heartwarming experience. Donations flowed in throughout the day and it was clear that many of you – like us – saw reaching a 1000 donations as the key issue. Several of you gave more than once and whole families got involved. It was very exciting this end. Your indomitable spirit was tangible. We received 118 donations in all. The Olson family finally put us over the top just 8 minutes before midnight (EDT)! Thank you all so much

Although we fell well below our ambitious goal of raising $250,000 to cover our operating costs for 2020, it was quite understandable considering we had already had a successful fundraiser in the Spring to cover extra costs for our TSCA lawsuit.

Our final tally (as of January 1) was $137,103 from 1010 supporters. While we are not discouraging further contributions, tax deductions will no longer apply for 2019 purposes.

We still have a lot of things to do this end so please be patient with us as we endeavor to send out thank you letters to all those who sent in donations by mail.

Again a Happy New Year to all our FAN supporters in the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the UK.


Paul, Ellen, Michael, Stuart, Jay, Dawna, Chris, Rick, Carol, Bill Hirzy, Bill Osmunson and the rest of the AEHSP board of directors

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