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New York: Tell Governor Cuomo to Stop the Expansion of Fluoridation

FAN Bulletin sent to NY bulletin subscribers | January 21, 2015

Dear Supporter:

The following news release was sent out yesterday by the New York Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (Twitter page).  This is very important information for all New York residents who oppose fluoridation.

Please read the release, share it with your local media outlets and on social media, and email Governor Cuomo urging him to stop the expansion of fluoridation and to pass legislation to ban the practice throughout the state of New York.  Click here to send your message to the Governor.


Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director, Fluoride Action Network

NY to Expand Fluoridation Ignoring Own Evidence of Harm & Ineffectiveness

Despite their own evidence of harm and ineffectivenessNew York State unelected bureaucrats encourage water fluoridation expansion throughout the state, wasting money and endangering health, (12/15/2014 NYS Department of Health letter), reports the NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF).

Unnecessary toxin-laced fluoride chemicals added to water supplies attempt to prevent cavities in tap-water drinkers.

Plans to increase NYS’s fluoridation rate “by 10%, from 71.4% to 78.5%” is revealed in a 12/15/2014 letterfrom Dentist J. Kumar, Director, Bureau of Dental health and R. Sokol, PhD, Director, Bureau of Water Supply Protection addressed  to “County Health Commissioner or Public Health Director.”

Attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President says, “2004 NYS DofH statistics first exposed evidence that fluoridation didn’t level out decay between poor and non-poor and that non-fluoridated counties had less tooth decay than many highly fluoridated counties.”

New statistics confirm fluoridation’s failure. Kumar compared 2004 to 2012 cavity rates and reported “disparities between high and low income children widened.” (page 62, National Oral Health Conference).

Cavity rates actually went up in low-income NYS children. And cavity prevalence declined in all non-fluoridated counties.

Despite being 100% fluoridated for decades costing approximately $24 million annually. (FOIA Page 1 and page 2), tooth loss is more prevalent in NYC than the rest of NYS which is only 40% fluoridated.

Kumar’s research proved (page 61) that cavity prevalence in NYS is significantly associated with sugary-beverage consumption. 

“Fluoridation hasn’t fixed that problem,” says Beeber. “No evidence links cavities to fluoride-deficiency.” 

“Also, an ignored 1990 NYS Department of Health report alerted bureaucrats about fluoride’s potential harm to kidney patients, diabetics and the fluoride hypersensitive even at optimal levels,” says Beeber.

This NYS study associates fluoridation with pre-term births.

2012 Kumar study reveals that emergency treatment for NYS toddlers’ severe tooth decay has grown substantially in numbers and costs. Many required general anesthesia. This despite decades of fluoridation reaching record numbers of New Yorkers. 

Kumar’s 2009 research (Journal of the American Dental Association) reveals national data indicating similar cavity rates regardless of water fluoride levels. (Table 1)

Email Governor Cuomo, to stop the expansion of fluoridation and to pass legislation to ban fluoridation in NYS here.

Adverse Health Effects of Fluoride

Contact:  Paul Beeber, JD, 516-433-8882 


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